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Can Roof Tiles Be Painted?

Can Roof Tiles Be Painted? 1000 667 Central Homes Roofing and Solar Services

Can you Paint Roof Tiles?

Yes, you can paint roof tiles to update their appearance or change their color. Before painting, it is critical to clean the tiles and fix any damage carefully. To ensure longevity and weather resistance, choose a suitable primer and paint particularly formulated for roofing materials. Typically, the technique entails applying numerous coats of paint uniformly and allowing adequate drying time between each application. Painting roof tiles can be an efficient technique to improve a building’s looks while also protecting the tiles from environmental elements. It is, however, advised to contact professionals or manufacturers’ guidelines.

Concrete roof tiles can be painted?

Certain roof tile materials can be painted, but not all. Concrete, slate, and clay tiles can all be painted. Terracotta roof tiles, however, cannot be painted. If you’re looking to refresh the appearance of your roof, then painting it may be the best option.

Painting your roof tiles is not a requirement. This is a cosmetic choice that has no effect on durability.

Roofer Repairing Tile Roofing

Once you’ve determined you want your concrete roof tiles painted, make sure to select top-quality 100% acrylic paint. Acrylic paints are cost-effective, easy to install (via spray or roller), and have high resistance to UV rays.

Preparing the surface is essential to prepare your roof before painting. Repair, clean, and prime your roof tiles before you get them painted. You’ll also want to make sure all the cracks, gaps, leaks, and other roof problems are fixed before you begin painting.

Terracotta roof tiles cannot be painted

Unfortunately, terracotta roof tiles can’t be painted. This is because terracotta tiles are glazed with a ceramic glaze when manufactured.

Since the glaze forms a strong, non-porous surface, it becomes quite difficult for paint to adhere to the tile and sit properly on the surface. Instead, the paint bonds with the glaze and flakes off pretty fast—often within a year. Due to these reasons, it’s best to skip painting terracotta tiles.

The pros and cons of repainting your tile roof

Everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Below are a few pros and cons you’ll be facing when you repaint the roof.


  • Repainting gives your roof a new, refreshed look.
  • It increases resale value.
  • It prevents the growth of mold and lichen.


  • You’ll need to find expert roof painters which can be time-consuming and costly.
  • Paint can’t protect your roof from serious damages.

How much does it cost to have your tile roof painted?

When talking about painting roof tiles, you can expect to pay anywhere from $4 to $10 per square foot. When considering the labor cost, professional roof painters charge $35 to $50 per hour. However, the prices can differ depending on the size, material, and slope of your roof. Get a few quotes before you pick a professional roof painter.