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We Got a Customer an Additional $8,500 for Their Roof

Insurance companies want to pay you less than you’re owed, but we know how to get the amount of money you deserve. Give us a call for a free roof inspection.
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Wide variety of styles and colors


Bel Air

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Golden Eagle

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Double Eagle Bel Air

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Step 1:

Pick your tile

We’ll send you samples of tiles so you can find the ideal profile and color for your home.

Step 2:

Removing your roof

The tile shipment can take weeks to arrive depending on your selection, so we schedule your roof removal to be finished right when the materials arrive.

Step 3:

We use the best underlayment

In order to protect your roof while the tile is being installed, we use the absolute best underlayment on the market to ensure that no water or moisture enter your home. This stays on after the tile is installed as a secondary protective barrier from the outside.

Step 4:

We protect your home and yard

In order to protect the surrounding area during the install, we lay plywood over your driveway and tarps over any surrounding plants or flower beds.

Step 5:

We install your selected tile

The tile profile and color that you selected is loaded onto the roof and our expert team installs it over a 6-10 day period depending on the size and layout of your roof.

Step 6:

We clean up after ourselves

Once the install is complete and you’re completely satisfied with our work, we clean up the area and take away any debris or remaining tiles.

Florida’s harsh weather can significantly reduce the usable life of a roof, making it even harder for you to maintain the roof of your home or investment property. If you neglect your roof damage, you’re not just sacrificing the aesthetics. Here are some other benefits to having a well-maintained roof in Florida.

Increased home market value

A well-maintained and repaired roof makes your home worth more as it’s something that will carry on to the next owner.

Lower insurance premiums

Keep your insurance company, yourself, and your family at ease with a repaired and safe roof.

Protection from water damage

Stay safe and dry in your home by using a repaired roof to prevent Florida’s heavy rain from leaking in.

Reduce energy bills

Keep your energy bill as low as possible with maximized insulation in your roof, meaning you get the most out of your A/C.

Multi-Point Inspection

From drainage issues to flashing conditions, we’ll provide a full diagnosis of your home. You’ll learn how your roof is affecting your home and assets now, and how getting it repaired will positively impact those same factors.
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Now Proudly Partnering with Danco Roofing

Our family is growing! Danco Roofing is one of the most well-known and respected tile roofing providers in Florida. We’re proud to now have the Danco team join ours.

Since 1987, Danco Roofing has been committed to 100% customer satisfaction, which is what we have built our entire reputation on. Over the years we have been called upon to install and repair thousands of roofs in the Central Florida area. Everything from single-family homes to commercial buildings. We are a state certified roofing contractor and we are fully insured by Workers Compensation, Commercial/General Liability and Property Damage Insurance.




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