What is the Best Roofing for Warm Weather?

What is the Best Roofing for Warm Weather?

Come the days of summer. We’ll, we do think probably on how to make the most of it especially it is children’s vacation time and taking a break from school. Reminiscing about the early morning busy buzz, food preparation, taking children to school, and etc. now is the time to relax for few months and enjoy summer. From the hot weather in your area, you might be imagining how it would be nice to sip a nice cold summer drink and some good air conditioning, right? But what about the roof that serves a good protection from the bright sun?

Summer is one good time to replace that old roofing. No fuss, no hurry, and no rush from daily chores and activities during school days. However, what is the best roofing for this particularly hot weather?

Choosing the Best Roofing for Summer

When selecting roofing for hot weather, keep in mind that the roof will not only serve to protect the hotness of the weather but also it would be able to release the heat, not absorbing or storing the heat. There is roofing that actually absorbs the heat from sun rays, making the ceiling hot as well, and absorbs by the whole house. And you as the occupants of the house, you could certainly feel the effect instantly.

So, you will tend to resort to ways to cool down the warmth your body is feeling by like air conditioning and etc. This feels tragic, right? This is what old-style shingle roofing materials used to do, to hold and transfer heat in a comparable way. Tile roofing is made of felt-like materials overlaid with asphalt and tar will hold heat, and even transfer it into a structure, but of course, there are other types of roofing that will reflect light and heat upward and away from the structure.

Materials for Roofing

One good material for warm weather is the Concrete Tile. It is far less expensive compared to slate (single roofing tile made of slate, a small smooth piece of the rock) or clay, but quite pricey than the old style shingle roofing, and this is one of the best materials for warm weather due to its durability. This is a good material for warm weather roofing because it is heavy by weight and would take a certain amount of time to heat. In many developing countries, this poured concrete slab roofing is such a good option because it is cheaper and provides a shield from bad weather condition and pests too.

Compared to the poured concrete type, concrete tile is heavier but is so easy to install. The material is fireproof so that’s a plus point and it is solid. Thoroughly, the use of “cool colors” will increase the energy efficiency of concrete tiling by reflecting more of the sun’s rays and heat.

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