Can You Move Solar Panels to a New House?

Move Solar Panels New House

Can You Move Solar Panels to a New House?

Can You Move Solar Panels to a New House? 600 600 Central Homes Roofing and Solar Services

Solar panels can add a lot of value to a home if you’re trying to sell. Because of the savings on energy costs, it’s often easier to sell a home that has solar panels installed than one without. But what happens if you want to keep the solar panels you’ve installed?

If you have installed solar panels on your home, you can take them with you when you move. However, there are some things you should consider before deciding to do so.

Consideration #1

The Cost of Moving the Solar Panels

Moving solar panels can be expensive. The costs can include the following:

  • Moving the solar panels (up to $8,000)
    • Uninstalling
    • Disassembly
    • Packing
    • Shipping
    • Reinstalling
  • Roof patchwork (up to $1,000)
  • Permit fees (up to $500)

Depending on the size of your solar system and how far away you’re moving, as well as how different the permits and local regulations are in your new location, moving the solar panels may not be worth the cost.

Consideration #2

The Location of Your New Home

If you’re moving just across town, then the company that installed the solar panels originally may be able to perform the move, which may even keep your warranty intact. If you’re moving farther away, however, that company may uninstall them for you, but you’ll lose the warranty and will need to figure out how to transport the panels and find someone to reinstall them on your new home yourself.

Consideration #3

The Weather in Your New Location

solar panels on a red tile roof under a cloudy sky

If you previously lived in a very sunny location and are moving to a cloudier city, then your solar panels may not be as effective. Solar panels don’t absorb as much energy from the sun on cloudy days as they do on sunny ones.

Consideration #4

The Difference in Energy Costs

Solar panels are more worth the money in a location where energy costs are high. Cities like San Francisco are known for their clouds but are still investing in solar because the cost of electricity is higher there. If energy costs are cheap where you’re moving to, then the energy savings may not be as much in the new location.

Consideration #5

The Type of Roof on Your New Home

a contractor installing solar panels on a roof

When your solar panels were originally installed, they were configured for that particular roof. Your new roof may not be the same, which means that there could be additional costs involved as the installer has to make adjustments to your solar panel system.

Consideration #6

The Damage to Your Old Roof

When your solar panels are uninstalled, there will be some damage to the roof where they were attached. You’ll need to have these repaired, which also costs money.

Consideration #7

The Possibility of Damaging the Solar Panels in Transit

There’s always a risk of damage to anything that you transport when you move. Your solar panels are no exception. There’s a possibility that they could get damaged during any part of the uninstallation, moving, and re-installation process.

Is It Worth It to Move Solar Panels?

solar panels on a red tile roof with the sun shining off of them

Thanks to the high costs of moving solar panels and the risk of damaging them, many homeowners find that it isn’t worth it to move them. Leaving solar panels on the house for the new owners when you move will increase the amount you can sell the house for. Those additional funds can then be used to purchase and install new solar panels at your new house.

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