Everything You Need to Know About Preventative Roof Maintenance

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Everything You Need to Know About Preventative Roof Maintenance

Everything You Need to Know About Preventative Roof Maintenance 1000 663 Central Homes Roofing and Solar Services

Just like roofs on residential homes, commercial roofs also need regular preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance offers a lot of benefits for any type of roof. To start, regular maintenance can help prevent small problems from growing into larger ones. Maintenance can also help a roof to last longer to avoid frequent commercial roof replacements which can become costly.

What is Preventative Roof Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance for a commercial roof is essentially a regular checkup. Similar to how people go to the dentist and the doctor, roofs also need to be checked over periodically to make sure that everything is fine. This is best done by a professional roofer who will know what they are looking for and will recognize the early signs of roof damage or wear and tear that the building owner may miss.

How Often is Preventative Maintenance Needed?

Preventative maintenance on your commercial roof should be done at least twice a year. You may want to have it professionally inspected following a major storm or a hurricane, even if you can’t see any damage, just to make sure that the roof is fine. Separately from the regular maintenance, it’s also a good idea to schedule regular roof cleanings, typically about once a year.

What Does Preventative Roof Maintenance Entail?

Preventative maintenance done by a professional roofer typically includes:

  • Commercial roof inspection
  • Debris removal
  • Repairs
  • Documentation

1. Roof Inspection

During a commercial roof inspection, a roofer will thoroughly inspect your roof for any problems. They will have to go on top of the roof and make a visual inspection of the entire roof. Professional roofers know what to look for and will recognize the signs of any problems.

2. Debris removal

Depending on who you hire to do the preventative maintenance, some amount of roof cleaning may be included, such as removing leaves and debris from any gutters. However, for a full cleaning, that’s typically a separate service.

3. Repairs

The inspection part of the preventative maintenance should determine whether or not any repairs are needed. Repairs are a part of maintenance because if problems aren’t fixed as quickly as possible, the damage could worsen and become more costly to repair. If your roof is damaged, water from rain could leak into the building below and cause water damage to the building and any items inside.

Repairs may impact the ultimate cost of maintenance. Some repairs can be done on the spot while others may take more time and extra materials. If additional materials are required to make the repairs or if the repair will take extra time and labor, there may be additional costs. The roofing company you select should let you know before beginning any repairs that may cost you more money.

4. Documentation

Ask the roofing company to thoroughly document any problems with your roof while they’re inspecting it. This can include photographic documentation as well. It’s important to keep track of what has been done during each maintenance session; documentation will help with that.

Final Thoughts

Preventative roof care is an essential procedure that has several advantages for both property managers and homeowners. Regular inspections, early resolution of minor faults, and proactive maintenance activities like gutter cleaning and debris removal can all considerably increase the longevity of a roof. This helps maintain the structural integrity of the entire building, preventing any water damage, leaks, or mold growth. It also saves money over time by avoiding expensive repairs or premature roof replacement. Additionally, proactive roof repair improves energy efficiency because a well-maintained roof can offer better insulation and lower heating and cooling costs. In general, spending time and money on preventative roof maintenance is a smart move that promotes safety, maintains the value of the property, and ensures long-term

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