What are the Best Roof Shingles for Florida?

What are the Best Roof Shingles for Florida?

What are the Best Roof Shingles for Florida? Central Homes Roofing and Solar Services

In Florida, you typically have two choices of shingles for your roof: architectural shingles or 3-tab shingles. Architectural Shingles are the best shingles for Florida because they have a longer lifespan and better durability than 3-tab shingles. Additionally, the price difference is not significant. Architectural shingles are great for homeowners who want shingles but need their roof to withstand harsh weather and intense humidity.

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What should you consider when picking roof shingles in Florida?

Florida’s humidity and weather are major causes of a shortened roof lifespan. Selecting the best roof type, ensuring proper installation, and following up with consistent care will help your roof fight off damage caused by Florida’s climate.

1. Harsh Weather and Durability

Florida’s consistent rainfall and storms cause roofs and shingles to take quite a beating. They have to be expertly installed and maintained to keep their look and effectiveness over time. We recommend the most durable shingles from the get-go to mitigate the amount of maintenance required in the future.

2. Algae-Resistant Shingles

The state of Florida requires that all roofs be installed with algae-resistant shingles. Many other states don’t have this requirement, but we would use algae-resistant shingles even if it wasn’t mandatory. Algae-resistant shingles offer a superior level of durability for a longer-lasting roof by protecting your home from the damaging effects of algae buildup.

Who makes the best shingles for Florida?

When it comes to shingle brands, CertainTeed, GAF, and Owens Corning are the preferred options because they create a heavier shingle. This makes your roof more secure during heavy storms and increases its overall durability.

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Florida Shingles Companies Comparison


CertainTeed is well-known roofing manufacturer that offers a wide range of roofing materials and systems. CertainTeed creates a reliable shingle and their business practices are just as reliable. Their warranties are the best in the business. Here’s a brief overview of CertainTeed roofing, along with its pros and cons:

Pros of CertainTeed Roofing

  • Reputation and Quality: CertainTeed has a strong reputation for manufacturing high-quality roofing materials. They have been in the industry for over a century and are known for their commitment to innovation and excellence.
  • Extensive Product Range: CertainTeed offers a diverse selection of roofing products, including shingles, metal roofing, solar roofing, and more. This allows homeowners to find a roofing solution that suits their needs, preferences, and budget.
  • Durability and Weather Resistance: CertainTeed roofing materials are designed to withstand various weather conditions, including high winds, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures. They often come with features like impact resistance and advanced protection against algae growth.
  • Energy Efficiency: CertainTeed offers roofing products that are designed to improve energy efficiency, such as cool roof shingles that reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption. These energy-efficient options can potentially lower energy costs and contribute to a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Warranty Coverage: CertainTeed provides strong warranty coverage for their roofing products, giving homeowners peace of mind and protection against manufacturing defects. Their warranties often include coverage for both materials and workmanship.

Cons of CertainTeed Roofing

  • Cost: CertainTeed roofing materials are typically priced at the higher end of the market. While they offer excellent quality, durability, and warranty coverage, the initial cost may be higher compared to some other roofing options.
  • Installation Requirements: CertainTeed roofing products generally require professional installation to ensure proper performance and warranty coverage. This adds to the overall cost and may limit DIY options for homeowners.
  • Limited Availability: While CertainTeed is a reputable brand, its products may not be available in all regions. Availability can vary depending on the geographical location, which may limit choices for homeowners in certain areas.
  • Environmental Impact: CertainTeed roofing materials, like many other traditional roofing options, primarily consist of asphalt shingles. The production and disposal of asphalt shingles have environmental impacts, including carbon emissions and landfill waste.


GAF roofing is all approximately the materials and frameworks for rooftops made by GAF, which may be a enormous and popular company that produces material stuff in North America. GAF has lots of diverse things for rooftops, like shingles, underlayment, ventilation systems, and additional things you might require. Individuals like GAF since they’re truly great at coming up with modern thoughts, making things final, and being reliable within the material world. 

Pros of GAF Roofing

  • Reputation and Reliability: GAF has been in the roofing industry for over a century and has established a strong reputation for producing high-quality roofing materials. Their products are known for their durability and long lifespan.
  • Wide Range of Options: Offering a diverse selection of roofing materials, styles, and colors, GAF offers homeowners numerous options to suit their aesthetic preferences and architectural style. 
  • Energy Efficiency: GAF’s roofing products are designed to be energy efficient. They help keep indoor temperatures stable, which can reduce the strain on heating and cooling systems and potentially lower energy bills.
  • Weather Resistance: GAF’s roofing materials are weather resistant as they are built to withstand different types of weather, like wind, rain, snow, and hail. They have features that make them resistant to impact and have high ratings for wind resistance, providing extra protection for homes.
  • Warranty Coverage: GAF provides comprehensive warranty coverage for their roofing products. This gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing they are protected against any manufacturing defects.

Cons of GAF Roofing

  • Cost: GAF roofing materials tend to be priced at the higher end of the market. While they offer excellent quality and durability, the initial cost can be higher compared to some other roofing options.
  • Installation Requirements: GAF roofing products often require professional installation to ensure proper performance and warranty coverage. This adds to the overall cost and may limit DIY options for homeowners.
  • Limited Availability: While GAF is a well-known brand, their products may not be available in all regions. Availability can vary depending on the geographical location, which may limit choices for homeowners in certain areas.
  • Environmental Impact: GAF roofing materials primarily consist of asphalt shingles, which are not considered the most environmentally friendly option. They contribute to landfill waste when replaced and require fossil fuels in their production.

Owens Corning

A reputable international business that produces building materials, especially roofing goods, is Owens Corning. Owens Corning, a company with headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, was established in 1938 and has grown to be a major provider of roofing systems for both residential and commercial uses.

Pros of Owens Corning

  • Quality and Durability: Owens Corning is renowned for producing roofing products of the highest caliber that can resist severe weather. They are renowned for the strength and endurance of their roofing materials.
  • Energy Efficient: Roofing Owens Corning provides roofing options that are made to be more energy efficient. Their offerings, which include reflective roofing and insulation systems, can aid in lowering energy use and enhancing indoor comfort.
  • Numerous Options: Owens Corning offers a variety of roofing materials, colors, and styles, making it possible for contractors and homeowners to select one that satisfies their tastes and architectural requirements.
  • Strong Warranty Coverage: Owens Corning provides consumers with peace of mind and protection against flaws or problems with their roofing materials with strong warranty coverage.
  • Environmental Considerations: Owens Corning has tried to incorporate sustainable practices into their manufacturing processes. They prioritize using recycled materials in their products and have made commitments to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Cons of Owens Corning

  • Price: Owens Corning roofing materials tend to be priced at a premium compared to some other roofing brands. This can make them less affordable for homeowners on a tight budget.
  • Availability: Depending on your location, Owens Corning products may not be readily available or easily accessible. This can be a limitation if you prefer their specific roofing options.
  • Limited Installation Options: Owens Corning primarily focuses on manufacturing roofing materials and relies on contractors for installation services. This can be a drawback if you prefer a one-stop-shop solution or if you have difficulty finding reliable contractors in your area.

We also install both GAF and Owens Corning shingles upon request, but these brands tend to be more expensive than CertainTeed. At Central Homes Roofing, we want to install the best roof shingles for your home and provide you with the exact shingle style you prefer. This is why we install roofing from a variety of brands depending on your preference.

Shingles affect on home temperature?

Shingles affecting the temperature in your home is a myth and a sales tactic. The temperature in your home is dependent on the age of your air conditioning unit, proper ventilation in your attic, and the age of your doors and windows. We do not recommend paying extra for white “Energy Star” shingles.

Are architectural shingles less likely to be damaged in a storm or hurricane?

Architectural shingles are far less likely to blow away in a storm because the shingles are all one piece, unlike the 3-tabs. The 3-tabs have tabs that flip and flop in heavy winds leading to a higher likelihood of damage during harsh Florida storms.

Roof Wind Damage graphic

How long before needing a replacement?

In Florida, you can expect your shingles to last between 10 and 20 years depending on the type:

  • 3 Tab Shingles: 10 to 15 years
  • Architectural Shingles: 15 to 20 years

With proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of your architectural shingles even further.
Maintenance packages usually include cleaning gutters and roof, caulking any cracked areas or nail pops, and using a soft wash chemical to kill off algae. This costs an average of .24 to .30 cents per square foot.

Hurricanes and hail will shorten the lifespan of shingles. However, by using more durable shingles, like architectural shingles, your roof stands a better chance against the elements.

Will you need to replace all the shingles when damaged?

If it’s just a few shingles that are showing damage, it may be in your best interest to simply hire a contractor to replace those. However, if there’s a large number of damaged shingles, you may need to completely replace the roof.

We recommend replacing the roof entirely when you have had several active leaks in different areas. That is a sign that the roof is beyond repair. Contact us if you’ve noticed damaged shingles or leaks in your home.

How expensive are 3-tab and architectural shingles?

All of the Architectural shingles are about the same price. The architectural shingles are only a couple hundred dollars more than a 3 tab. That is why we recommend always going with an architectural shingle over a 3-tab as the cost difference is very small. While architectural shingles are priced slightly higher, it will result in a longer-lasting, more durable roof.

Do I have different color options?

Central Homes Roofing offers a variety of color options – they are different shades of brown, black, and gray.

Choose your shingle colors wisely as it will likely be on your roof for upward of 15 years. That’s a commitment, so make sure you love the way it looks.

Consider the color of your home before making a final decision. For example, pair a light gray house with a black, blue, or gray shingle.

Light shingle colors can make a house appear larger, with darker colors having the opposite effect.

Different Shingle Color

How long does it take to install architectural shingles?

Architectural shingles are easier and faster to install than 3-tab shingles. All roof replacements are broken into a series of phases:

  • The old roof will need to be removed
  • Any problems will be repaired
  • A protective barrier will be placed
  • New shingles will be installed

Your roofing company will be able to give you a projected timeline for your roof replacement.

What is the most common choice for shingles in Florida?

Architectural shingles are by far the most common style in Florida. In fact, most HOAs are making it mandatory to only install architectural shingles. We always recommend checking in with your HOA about style and color before we begin the re-roofing process. Going against HOA guidelines can be a costly mistake that can easily be avoided.

Want architectural shingles on your Florida home?


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