What are the Best Roof Shingles for Florida?

Choosing between architectural and three-tab shingles.
What are the Best Roof Shingles for Florida?

In Florida, you typically have two choices of shingles for your roof: architectural shingles or 3-tab shingles. We recommend and use Architectural Shingles because they are superior to 3-tab shingles. The price difference is not significant. We strongly believe that everyone should be using Architectural shingles for all roof projects.

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Special Considerations for Shingles in Florida

  • Harsh Weather and Durability – Florida’s consistent rainfall and storms cause roofs and shingles to take quite a beating. This means than they have to be expertly installed and maintained to keep their look and effectiveness over time. It also means that we recommend the most durable shingles from the get-go to mitigate the amount of maintenance required in the future.
  • Algae-Resistant Shingles – The state of Florida requires that all roofs be installed with Algae-Resistant shingles. Many other states don’t have this requirement, but we would use algae-resistant shingles even if it wasn’t mandatory for longer-lasting durability.

Florida’s Best Shingle Manufacturer

When it comes to the shingle manufacturer, we recommend CertainTeed because they create a heavier shingle. This makes your roof more reliable during heavy storms and increases its overall durability.

CertainTeed creates a reliable shingle and their business practices are just as reliable. They have never had a class-action suit about anything and their warranties are the best in the business.

We also install both GAF and Owens Corning shingles upon request, but they typically tend to be more expensive than CertainTeed.

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Do shingles affect the temperature in my home?

Shingles affecting the temperature in your home is a myth and a sales tactic. The temperature in your home is dependent on the age of your air conditioning unit, proper ventilation in your attic, and the age of your doors and windows. We do not recommend paying extra for white “Energy Star” shingles.

Are architectural shingles less likely to be blown away or damaged in a storm or hurricane?

Architectural shingles are far less likely to blow away in a storm because those shingles are all one piece, unlike the 3 tabs. The 3 tabs have tabs that flip and flop in heavy winds.

Architectural shingles can withstand up to 130mph winds when secured with six nails, equivalent to what it would endure in a category 5 hurricane.

Three-tab wind damage on roof of house

How long can I expect these shingles to last before needing a replacement?

In Florida, you can expect your shingles to last between 10 and 20 years depending on the type:

  • 3 Tab Shingles: 10 to 15 years
  • Architectural Shingles: 15 to 20 years

With proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of your architectural shingles even further. Maintenance packages usually include cleaning gutters and roof, chaulking any cracked areas or nail pops, and using a soft wash chemical to kill off algae. This costs an average of .24 to .30 cents per square foot.

Hurricanes and hail will shorten the lifespan of your shingles. However, by using more durable shingles like architectural shingles your roof stands a better chance against the elements.

Check your homeowner’s insurance policy. Most will cover your roof, especially in the case that it needs repair or replacement within the first ten years of installation. Insurance coverage for roofs depends entirely on your policy and the situation.

Learn when your roof should be replaced

When I eventually get a replacement, will I need to replace all of the shingles or just ones that show wear and tear?

If it’s just a few shingles that are showing damage, it may be in your best interest to simply hire a contractor to replace those. However, if there’s a large number of damaged shingles, you may need to completely replace the roof. We recommend replacing the roof entirely when you have had several active leaks in different areas. That is a sign that the roof is shot. Contact us if you’ve noticed damaged shingles or leaks in your home.

Are these shingles more expensive than the alternative(s)?

All of the Architectural shingles are about the same price. The architectural shingles are only several hundred dollars more than a 3 tab. That is why we recommend always going with an architectural shingle over a 3 tab because the cost difference is very small.

Do I have different color options for my shingles?

We offer roughly 35 color options – they are different shades of brown, black and gray.
Choose your shingle colors wisely as it will likely be on your roof for upward of 15 years. That’s a commitment, so make sure you love the way it looks.

Consider the color of your home. For example, pair a light gray house with a black, blue or gray shingle. Light shingle colors can make a house appear larger, with darker colors having the opposite effect.

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Do architectural shingles take more or less time to be installed than alternatives?

Architectural shingles are easier and faster to install than 3-tab shingles. All roof replacements are broken into a series of phases. First, the old roof will need to be removed. This is followed by repairing any problems and placing a protective barrier. Then, finally, new shingles are placed.

Your roofing company will be able to give you a projected timeline for your roof replacement.

Is this the most common choice for shingles in Florida (will the style match that of my neighbors)?

Architectural shingles are by far the most common style in Florida. In fact, most HOAs are making it mandatory to only install architectural shingles. We always recommend checking in with your HOA about manufacturer and color before we begin the re-roofing process.

Are there alternatives to shingles in Florida?

Architectural shingles are undoubtedly the best roofing option for the price. The only other alternatives are metal or concrete:

  • Metal roofs – metal as a roofing option is 3x the price of shingles and significantly less common than the cheaper and easier shingle alternative.
  • Concrete roofs – concrete is even more expensive than metal at around 4x the price of shingles. It also requires the help of an engineer to check the structure of the roof and whether it can handle the weight of heavy concrete.

These types of roofs are extremely uncommon for residential homes for these reasons.

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