7 Benefits of Tile Roofing

7 Benefits of Tile Roofing

7 Benefits of Tile Roofing Central Homes Roofing and Solar Services

Tile roofs are a great choice to enhance the appearance of your home. Due to the variety of roof tiles available in the market, you can choose a tile that works according to your specific desires and tastes. While holding aesthetic value, tile roofing also offers other benefits.

1. Durability

Tile roofs have one of the lowest life cycle cost as compared to the other roofing materials. They are fire resistant and can withstand strong winds of up to 150 mph. Tile roofs can endure water, fire, and wind.

2. Energy Efficiency

Tile roofing offers outstanding thermal properties in almost every climate and geographic area. They have natural air ventilation underneath, which forms a heat transfer barrier that cools your house in summer and keeps it warm in winter. This helps you reduce utility bills significantly.

3. Easy to install and require low maintenance

Tile roofs have the easiest installation system when done by professionals. Also, the installation and maintenance costs are far lower than the other roofing materials. Since the tiles are individually installed, it is easier to get them repaired, without damaging or dismantling the other tiles.

4. They are worth the investment

Tile roofs offer incomparable value when the cost per year of use is considered. Although the upfront costs are higher, homeowners who look for a concrete or clay tile roof enjoy quality, aesthetics, energy efficiency, and sustainability for a lifetime.

5. Versatile material

Tile is also one of the most versatile roofing materials. Concrete and clay tiles can be molded to make them look like shakes, shingle-style slate, and chipped stone, along with more s-shaped profiles and more traditional barrels. They can perfectly match every architectural style.

6. Appealing

If you’re in search of beautiful and distinctive roofing material, then tiles are your right choice. The natural aesthetics of tile roofing have been greatly valued throughout generations. With a wide range of colors, shapes, and profiles, there are an endless array of options. Tile sustainably maintains its beauty and holds its color for an extended period.

7. Eco-friendly and sustainable

Materials used in manufacturing tile roofs are made from earth minerals, and no harmful chemicals are used in the production process. In addition, they can be recycled and pressed when removed.

Ready to replace your old roof with tile roofing?

If you’re planning to invest in a roofing material that can give you lifelong sustainability, aesthetics, and energy efficiency, then you should opt for tile roofing. Central Homes Roofing has helped various homeowners install tile roofs properly in the first place since proper installation and regular maintenance are the key factors for roof longevity. Contact us today and get a free quote!